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Poem from Guest Writer: Ruston Hain

I love having so many friends with a creative streak, particularly in creative writing, as much of my writing leans to the business or journalistic tone. I hope you enjoy this poem written by a

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Saying the #CCPA aka California Consumer Privacy Act is highly complex is an understatement. Its reach is far broader than #Californiacompanies alone.Think you're off the hook for the #CCPA? Not so fast. Answer yes to any of these 3 questions - and you're likely very much on the hook.
: #dataprivacy #consumerprivacy #protectpersonaldata #apgarandassoc #notonlyCalifornia
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What are your go-to's to relieve back pain? Body Fundamentals, Inc. Pilates & Movement's Genevieve Nedder shares hers & recommendations. #relievebackpain #simplesolutionsDiana Bailey, my friend and longtime mentor introduced me to this machine 26 years ago in Denver.

Before I was strong enough to try anything Pilates or even Pre-Pilates related, Diana worked with me for several months on the Back Systems machine, the Swiss Ball and the Foam Roller to improve my alignment, stability and decrease muscle spasms in both my Upper and Lower Back.

During that first year of working with Di, I was going to Physical therapy, Massage Therapy, and Pilates on a weekly basis. The PT stretches helped and the balance and stability training on the Ball made me internally stronger; however, the Back machine consistently gave me relief . Every single time!

It seemed odd to me that this machine with simple stretches could give me such tremendous relief.

Back Systems3 allows you to stretch in positions that creates gentle traction on your lower spine while you stay engaged in your abdominals.

I’ve kept a BackSystem3 machine in all of my Pilates studios and continue to use it myself as well as with clients every week.
I especially use it with clients who are experiencing Lower Back pain, Hip pain and Shoulder pain and have a hard time lying on the Cadillac or Reformer.

#BackCare #BackPainReleif #BodyFundamentalsTucson #ChangingthroughMovement #MovementandMeditation #PilatesforLife #SimpleSolutions
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