Poem from Guest Writer: Ruston Hain

I love having so many friends with a creative streak, particularly in creative writing, as much of my writing leans to the business or journalistic tone. I hope you enjoy this poem written by a dear friend. To me, it evokes many of the evening sights and sounds of my adopted desert home.

Tips of blue moon
The cast of Summer shadows
Sounds of Cicadas and the sprinkle of all stars.
Midnight spreads across
Sky and breathes breath
to Dragonflies and the flutter of a June Bug.
Green and golden in fastidious glory.
Noisy Bug.
Restful now and a lizard is hungry…
Silly Bug rests on a cactus pad. Relishing a moment of complacency, enamored and confident in his Glorious Beauty.
Lizard snaps tongue and captures the beauty of the bug. Delicious! Swallows beauty whole. Who has Beauty now?
A very happy lizard slithering under a rock.
Full tummy. Happy for now. Sleep tonight and dream of another Beauty to eat tomorrow.

Ruston Hain, May 2014, Tucson, AZ