nhaile's Creative Collaborators

I’m a one-person consulting practice. I write, consult with business owners, decision-makers to find and share their message. It’s all good stuff. But without an awesome team of creative collaborators, I’d be a lone voice in the wilderness – and clients often need a visual identity to make their message and voice more impactful.

Jennifer and Marina are professional, wonderfully talented web, UX, graphic design and visual branding specialists with an intuitive touch. Each brings a unique perspective to every project, their own skills, and an understanding of how personalities, users, and character drive business image and perception.

Jennifer Vasko : Principal & Creative Director

Jennifer is a national award-winning senior graphic designer specializing in print and website design for more than 14 years. She’s currently the Principal/Creative Director for 26 Point 2 Designs based in Tucson, Arizona. She has strong WordPress skills, allowing her to provide a great bridge between design and development. Jennifer is a former television and film production manager, and when not designing awesome websites, she enjoys triathlons. See her work here.

Marina Fish : UX Content & Graphics Designer

Marina is a designer of UX Content, Graphics (including photography) and Software Products. She enjoys enjoys assuring products, brands and customers meet in visually appealing, clear and easy to use software, games, websites and mobile apps. Marina makes her home in the Pacific Northwest. See her work here.

Marina Fish Design