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nhaile communications combines a warm, professional approach with humor and adaptability. Specific written content and marketing support experience includes industry knowledge of (but not limited to): healthcare, benefits and insurance, wellness, consulting, travel, and real estate (including property management and senior living). What I haven’t written about, I’ve likely read about. To produce good written content means I can get up to speed, quickly, on anything you need me to know.

Proudly, nhaile boasts a number of longtime clients. Those wonderfully successful client relationships tend to be with people who:

  • Have a sense of humor
  • Are energetic not frenetic
  • Are positive, collaborative and inclusive
  • Open to recommendations and provide constructive feedback
  • Need to grow business awareness and prospect reach, yet aren’t up for a full-time employee
  • Know their business, and trust that I’ll learn their industry if I don’t know it
  • Trust that I know my business and will do my utmost for theirs
  • Are open to adjustment in how (and how often) they engage through written content

It’s that simple just nhaile.

Let’s get the conversation started! By the way, I’m on UK time (Eastern Time +5) for the next couple of years, writing from a sweet little London flat. Luckily, working remotely is a cinch when you have awesome clients.

  • 206-971-2024 (US VOIP)
  • +44 7387 391241 (UK)

(Please do not add the above to your telemarketing or solicitation lists. You do not have permission.)