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nhaile communications combines a warm, professional approach with humor and adaptability. Specific content creation and marketing support experience includes industry knowledge of (but not limited to): healthcare, benefits and insurance, wellness, consulting, travel, and real estate (including property management and senior living).

I’m proud to say nhaile boasts a number of longtime clients. Those wonderfully successful client relationships tend to be with people who:

  • Have a sense of humor
  • Are energetic yet not frenetic
  • Are positive, collaborative and inclusive
  • Open to recommendations and provide constructive feedback
  • Need to grow business awareness and prospect reach, yet aren’t up for a full-time employee
  • Trust that they know their business, and that I’ll learn (if I don’t know) their business or industry
  • Trust that I know my business and that I will do my utmost for theirs
  • Are open to adjustment in how (and how often) they approach their audience

Let’s get the conversation started! It’s that simple just nhaile.