Woohoo! A revamped nhaile website!

Ever heard the adage “The cobbler’s children have no shoes”? Well, the same holds true for those of us running our own creative firms. We’re great at being timely and responsive for our clients, but wow, our own websites and social media often get wayyyy neglected. (Can I get a witness?!)

The updated nhaile site reflects the latest evolution of my writing and marketing support business. For several years, I did as many of my independent consulting friends and simply worked with a variety of clients on a variety of projects – more of the typical freelance style. So much fun!

Still having fun, yet I’ve refined my services and how I offer them. While I still do a few short term projects each year, like websites, most of my clients have a monthly, ongoing marketing and communications contract with nhaile. You see, I find that many businesses want to be more consistent in their marketing communications. And I’m not talking about how their communications look, but how often they’re actually communicating with clients and prospective clients. The main issues? Well, that’s an easy one – time and money.

Who has the time to do it all themselves? No one. Or the cash to hire a full-time, even a half-time, marketing and communications support person? Especially one with experience in multiple industries? Big firms, that’s who. But I like firms that are a little more like mine. Independent. Not huge. Up for quality over quantity. Know they need to do social media but really don’t want to ever have to log on to Facebook or Google+ themselves. That’s where my other strength comes into play – autonomy. AKA consultant.

I get to work with a Pacific Northwest benefits firm (yeah, I’ve learned more about Healthcare Reform in the last few years than I ever dreamed I’d need to) supporting all of their marketing and communications, a healthcare compliance firm, medical and physician practice consultants, massage therapists (yes, I did take full advantage, gotta know the biz, right?) here in Tucson, Arizona,  an astrologist (so cool!) and a Washington State travel company that can actually take people – legally – to Cuba!

Yep, I fully admit it. I’d be an awful full-time corporate employee at this point. And I’m pretty cheerful about it.