The Human Connection: How Do You Stay In Touch?

How lucky am I that a client’s conference in NOLA coincided perfectly with Jazz Fest? Pretty darn lucky.

I work remotely, which means I rarely see or communicate with my clients face-to-face, other than the occasional videoconference. So I’m especially appreciative of the opportunities that let me spend in-person time with them. It was good to be able to participate in the conference and engage not only with the client, but also with a larger group of people in the same business. Gained new insight and appreciation for their business challenges – and their creative solutions to those challenges. For me, that Crescent City connection time was invaluable.

It also caused me to reflect on how we rely overmuch on social media (which isn’t all that social), instant messages and email to communicate, rather than even an “old-fashioned” phone call. I’m guilty of it, too, in my role as “virtual marketing support.” It’s just so easy when I’m on a roll, being productive, to keep my head down and fingers flying rather than pick up the phone. I know of a couple of people who, no matter how often you leave a voice mail, will text back, rather than use that same device to make a call. I have a dear friend, however, who uses his morning commute time to call friends and family. I love our catch-up time and so appreciate hearing his voice saying “Just checking in! How are you?” Then there’s a long-time girlfriend who lives in Colorado. We’ve begun having coffee or lunch together via videoconference about once a month, catching up on her latest endeavors (she’s a career transition coach), exchanging ideas and giggling about something our husbands have done!

How do you stay connected? Do you plan your calls? See a spot on the calendar and make an in-person (or at least videoconference) appointment? Let’s take a moment this week to reconnect a little more personally with those we usually text or email.