Quality Content: What’s on your website that shouldn’t be?

I’m on the dexmedia mailing list, mainly because these guys are constantly trying to remain relevant (anyone used a physical phone book lately?) and really work hard to provide decent, quality content in their communications. Their latest communication has to do with not necessarily what’s on your website, but what shouldn’t be. Good info – because there are a lot of bad design and content practices out here.

I’m particularly enthusiastic about their #1 thing to remove from your website: auto-start audio and video. Holy annoyances, that’s always been a pet peeve of mine. You know the feeling, find what looks like a perfect result to your search, click the link and get blared out of your chair with the obnoxious jingle and launched video. Never fails but that it always happens when I’m somewhere other than sitting quietly in my office.

I’m sure you’ve heard most of the other quality content tips before:

  • Flash is bad.
  • Avoid long-forms for info – stick to “have to have” essentials instead.
  • Stringing a bunch of keywords behind the scenes in meta tags, or even in blog titles, aka “stuffing” keywords. Doesn’t work!
  • Be wary of what you link to, and don’t let just anyone link back to you. Never pay for inbound links.
  • If you have guest bloggers, be sure they’re relevant to you and provide good content. Otherwise you’ll turn off visitors.
  • Come clean on the back end of the site. Old tactics that kind of worked wayyy back really don’t work at all now, and may harm your site rankings instead.

Quality content is essential to search viability. When you give your website a brisk mid-season Spring Cleaning, be sure to add content review to the list. Is everything on your site still relevant to what you do? Do the top 3 things that make money for you stand out on your home page? Or is it simply a laundry list that 1 out of 20 clients or prospects may find relevant?

Is your website mobile-friendly yet? If not, let’s talk! I’m working closely with my collaborators on helping clients become current. Google’s algorithm is going to have a big impact on companies that haven’t yet made the switch.