Consistency: The not-so-secret ingredient for effective online communications.

One of the things I stress when talking to current and prospective writing and marketing support clients is consistency – in messaging, positioning, and communicating. Ever seen a company that seems to change it’s look with every newsletter or ad? To the point that you really have to look to know it’s them? They’re messing with brand identity through INconsistency. That’s not to say a logo or website refresh isn’t a good idea every so often, but then all of your online communications should reflect that look and feel, consistently.

Social media post consistency is a must, too. Think about the Facebook pages where the last post was two months ago. If there’s no activity for a long time, today’s online community just moves on and it’s hard to get them back.

The other, less attractive side of the social media activity coin is over-posting. I can’t tell you the number of Pages I’ve “unfollowed” over the last few months just because I was tired of the ridiculously prolific number of posts that cluttered my timeline. I have five minutes to check my own Facebook page and have to scroll through a couple dozen updates from Mashable and Politico to get to the few things I really want to read squashed in-between? No, thanks.

So find a happy medium. Depending on the scope of their marketing package, I typically post for clients a couple of times per week, with one of those being a blog post that’s shared everywhere. Of course, eletters get shared socially, too, but those are less frequent. If there’s a promotion (retail or service) period that’s hot, we’ll amp it up a bit. And of course, they have access to do their own posts whenever the fancy strikes them. But if they’re busy, or just not into it, they can rest assured that customer-relevant online communications are happening, consistently!